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Published 27 hours ago

Could digital integration be a better solution than digital transformation?

By Owen Windsor

Integrate old and new data. Your old legacy systems could be goldmines for your organisation. You could use integration to combine this data with all kinds of new data on a secure site or custom dashboard. No transformation or migration necessary.

Published 7 months ago

Yes, Symbiote supports the Voice to Parliament

By Marcus Nyeholt, Owen Windsor

We believe a Yes vote will recognise 65,000 years of indigenous connection to this land, establishing a practical path to better outcomes for First Nations people.

Published 16 months ago

Sharing job-seeker assistance software makes sense for government departments

By Owen Windsor

It makes sense for government departments to share software. We created a tool to help job seekers answer application questions persuasively – and it was easily modified to suit a different group of users.

Published 17 months ago

We're now a Sitecore Alliance partner

By Owen Windsor

Transform your website from an online brochure to a digital experience platform (DXP)

Published 18 months ago

Vulnerability, security and compliance – these should all be managed in real-time

By Owen Windsor

It's possible and necessary to actively identify, monitor and respond to security threats across your systems.

Published 20 months ago

Why a 4-day work week?

By Owen Windsor

We've moved to a 4-day work week. 80% of each person's time at 100% of the pay. How does this work?